A for Aziz

…my little son

B for Bielefeld

…home of my beloved Arminia

D for Dewi

…my wife

F for Family

…always by my side

G for Golf

…my biggest passion apart from tennis

H for Hairstyling

…always good for a surprise

I for Idols

…Goran Ivanisevic, for example

J for Ja-sager (people that always say YES)

…it’s a plague, I hate it

K for Köln

…my new home

M for Mum

…no comment

N for Nightlife

…if I’m not too busy with playing tournaments, I like to go out every once in a while

P for Picasso

…my nickname, always balancing between genius and insanity

Q for Queen

…Freddie Mercury was a great talent

R for Roulette

…I play a huge variety of casino games, from roulette to poker

S for Sport

…I’m an avid sports fan

T for Tennis

…what more?

W for Watches

…collecting watches, my new (and expensive) hobby

X for X3 car

Z wie Zeit (“time” in English)

...I always have too little time



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Murray/Peers def. Philipp/Erlich

4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 6-2 | Wimbledon SFs


Current ATP ranking: 399 (Singles), 56 (Doubles)